Hello Santa Cruz Coyote Families!

Fall is upon us and we are looking forward to our first curriculum based activity for the 2017-2018 school year. Our first program will be a math inspired Fall Festival - trick or treating, crafts and math included! Your school faculty and PTO are working together to bring you an educational and festive evening.

(More event information to follow at a later date...stay tuned!)

To make this event as successful as possible, WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! We are asking that each student bring a bag of candy/treats that are INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED/PACKAGED.

To ensure our students and accompanying family members have a nice VARIETY of treats, we have broken down requested items by grade:

Kindergarten: Gummy items (i.e. gummy bears/worms, fruit snacks, gum, licorice, etc.)

1st and 2nd Grades: Hard Candies (i.e. lollipops, jolly ranchers, mints, jawbreakers, etc.)

3rd and 4th Grades: Chocolates (i.e. candy bars, peanut butter cups, tootsie rolls, etc.)

5th Grade: Snacks (i.e. pretzels, popcorn balls, granola bars, etc.)

To make sure those in attendance will have plenty of goodies to choose from, we ask that if you have more than one student that attends Santa Cruz, please bring the items for each of the grades represented.

Of course you may donate any goody of your choosing and if you want to donate more than one bag, we would welcome it! In fact, the grade that turns in the most weight in candy wins a surprise sponsored by PTO!

The requested items need to be turned in to the classroom teacher by Monday, October 23, 2017.